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The Swetland Family Association (SFA) is a not-for-profit organization that is interested in uniting and helping other Swetland, Sweetland, Sweatland ('s) learn more about their ancestry and heritage. And there may be other variations of the name as well due to poor spelling or penmanship in the years before mass public education. Consider the surnames of Svetland or Svetlana as possible penmanship errors. Or the names Sweetlund or Swetlin as pronunciation or spelling errors. And the list goes on.

We are a group of descendants of one of these namesakes that meet at reunions, keep in correspondence, or in someway contribute, benefit, or just enjoy the fellowship of knowing one another.

The key person responsible for all of this coming about is Mark W. Swetland. He first brought together a group of Swetlands together in 1986 in Denton Hill, PA for the first Swetland Reunion. Since then, through his exhaustive research, correspondences, and 'getting the word out', the size of the reunions and the presence of the reunions have grown into what we now call the SFA.

Mark has retired as the writer, editor, and core contributor to the Sweetland/Swetland Lore. This role is now filled by Anne Kirby.  The Sweetland/Swetland Lore is a quarterly newsletter that keeps us all up-to-date with the latest in the SFA as well as bringing us snippets of Swetlands in history and/or family stories. All of these roles he undertook on his own and would be more than willing to share with others, especially the role of contributor. Be sure to contact Mark with your own stories and snippets or other material that he may add to the newsletters, or even volunteer to fill one of his many roles.

Another key individual to mention here is Doug Sweetland. He has spent many years of his own research and other's contributions, collecting and compiling a genealogical history of the Swetlands, as he knows it. You can find out more about his research and his book on the 'Swetland Genealogy Book' web page here.

We meet bi-annually for a national reunion.  This is a great opportunity for those of us that have met before to catch-up on the happenings in our lives.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to meet new members and their families.  We often have a story telling session where members can get up and tell about their favorite ancestors and/or related information on historical and genealogical research.

Be sure to sign-up for the newsletter, Sweetland/Swetland Lore, by contacting the Publisher Mark Harrison on the Newsletter page.


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