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Sweetland/Swetland Family in America Work to Continue

Last year we reported to you the passing of our dear family member and friend Doug Sweetland. As many of you may know, Doug was responsible for collecting, collating, and gathering a multitude of source information into the “big book,” The  Sweetland/Swetland Family in America: 1560 – 2003. It has been a valuable resource for many genealogists and family members alike.


It is the wish of all the officers of the Swe(e)/(a)tland Family Association that we do not let this valuable resource fall by the wayside. We have chosen to continue to maintain this document through our family historian, Roger E. Swetland, along with the assistance of Jamie R. Swetland.


Please send along updates, new inclusions, etc. to Roger via e-mail or postal mail at the addresses listed in this newsletter and the website. He will collect your input and make updates via softcopy.


CD’s Now Available

At this time, the SFA does not have the resources available to print more copies of the book, but we do wish to make it available to all who desire it.  Those of you wishing to purchase this resource from this time forward will receive a CD copy of the files that were used to publish the book. Requests for the CD can be made to the historian, Roger Swetland. In the future, Roger and Jamie will work together to create an updated CD for you. As of this publication, the current cost for the CD with jewel case sent in a padded mailer via USPS is $6.00.


CD w/Jewel Case = $1.59

CD Mailer at USPS = $1.29

CD Label & Printing = $0.99

Postage = $1.79

Tax 6% = $0.34

Total: $6.00


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