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The following are links of Swetland related web sites....

These sites either contain information about various Swe(e)/(a)tland ancestors or are compilations of Swe(e)/(a)tland genealogy.   

Descendants of Isaac Sweetland by Robert Ruth

Lower Luzerne County Pennsylvania 

The Kryder Collection     

       Elizabeth Swetland Kryder is pictured on this site, wife of George Kryder.    

A Partial Genealogy of the Swetland Family 

      An online copy of the book edited by B.S. Swetland M.D.  It is a collection of known family genealogy from attendees of the 1896 Swetland Family Association Reunion.


The following are links for genealogical research and reference...

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Yahoo !   


DogPile  (funny name but a good metasearch engine)

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Official UK Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates  (Special thanks to James Frank whom e-mailed me about this site.)   

The Genealogy Home Page    

Genealogy Today   

Genealogy Programs:  

Family Tree Maker  

Family Tree Super Tools - Add-on    

 Great Family   

Other Swe(e)/(a)tland Websites: 

Michael Karpovage’s Book, The Crown of Serpents is a fictional work inspired by the true life events that Luke Swetland endured during his captivity by Seneca Indians.

Jamie R. Swetland's Personal Site  

Mark Harrison's Personal Site 

Sweetland Candies 

Byron Swetland 

Lester Leo Sweetland 

Sweetland Writing Center at University or Michigan 

Nancy Sweetland

Sweetland Farms

Horace Swetland and his impact on the Society of Automotive Engineers



The Weather Channel  


Weather Bug   


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