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The 1993 scholarship committee set up the conditions, which, as amended below, remain in effect, today.


  1. The recipient must be a Sw(e)e(a)tland descendant.
  2. First choice will be to a high school senior or college freshman.
  3. Winners become ineligible in future years, unless no qualified high school seniors or college freshmen apply.
  4. Students who apply should include a recommendation by a family member. The deadline for applications is March 1 of the year in which the student is a high school senior or college freshman.
  5. Attendance at the reunion is not required. However, we encourage the recipient to attend or have a family member at the reunion.
  6. The award will be based on scholastic achievement, athletic endeavors, and leadership qualities as attested to by grades, teachers, and school officials. The committee will choose the recipient. A demonstrated interest in family genealogy will carry weight toward the award.


These rules may be modified or added to as the need arises.


Awards that have been made to date are:




Ruth Kirby

(Picture not Available)


Katy Bradley

(Picture not Available)



Stephen Faig

(Picture not Available)



No Applicants


Karen Swetland



Jessica A. Anderson




No Award


Awaiting Applicants !!


We agreed at the 1997 reunion to award $250.00 in all even years beginning in 1998 to a high school senior or college freshman. Since no application came in for the year 2000, a scholarship was awarded in 2001 and will be awarded in odd years afterwards.  Again, no applications were received for 2011 so we are aligning the reunions and the scholarship awards together to the even years starting in 2012.


To apply contact the current Scholarship Chairperson:


R. David Kryder

1036 North Paseo Iris

Country Club Estates

Green Valley, AZ 85614-3645


PH:  (520) 393-1783

E-Mail:  [email protected]



To support the scholarship in future years, send your donations by check made out to the Swetland Family Association, marked for the Scholarship Fund, and mail them to the treasurer, currently:


Priscilla Swetland

4819 State Route 367

Montrose, PA 18801-6916

E-mail:  [email protected]




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