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“A Taste for Times Past” a fund raiser by the DAR for the Swetland Homestead is a grand success.  Click on the article title for the newspaper article in The Times Leader.  And read more on the Swetland Homestead Page.



Reunions, Revolutionary War & Swetland Homestead

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Welcome, readers, to the autumn edition of our newsletter. Yes, time passes quickly; the summer is nearly over and before long another year will have flown by. Our Swetlands, Sweatlands and Sweetlands find that attending the Family Association reunion every couple of years provides a meaningful and enriching way to mark the passing of time. We are hoping to see many of you at the next reunion coming up in 2012. We will bring you more on the plans for the 2012 SFA reunion in the winter newsletter, but first we would like to receive input from you.


Please email your ideas and comments to me at [email protected] or send a letter to my address as it appears in the sidebar on page three. Reunions are a great way to share stories and bits of your family history with other Swe(e)/(a)tlands.


Reunions are a way to preserve one’s family history by bringing documentation, pictures, and books to share as well as to learn and assimilate what others have to offer. Reunions combine two of the main goals of our organization, i.e., to preserve our family history for future generations and to bring together current generations. We attempt to collect genealogical information from our members (births, deaths, weddings) through letters written to one of the officers or by sharing the information at the reunions. Quite often we get recent information of current and new generations. Sometime we get information on past generations dating back to Civil or Revolutionary times or even earlier.


In this newsletter we will begin to examine records of our Revolutionary War soldiers and research that has been collected recently. We will also share the importance of reunions to individuals and their family history. Also, read of a successful effort to maintain a sense of place through donations to Swe(e)/(a)tland structures such as the Swetland Homestead.


God Bless and Good Fortunes to All,


-         Jamie R. Swetland



Welcome to, the Swetland Family Association's home on the World Wide Web.  It is our mission to link you with your Swetland/Sweetland/Sweatland ancestry and others that share the same name as you.  And with that statement, be sure to try to attend one of our family reunions.  As more information becomes available on up-coming reunions, be sure to check the Reunions page.


There can be many variations of the namesake based upon people’s grammar, spelling, and writing from those that have passed before us.  Consider these for example:  Svetland, Swetlin, Sweetlin, Svetlana, Sweatlana.  Take a look at your handwriting.  I have noticed sometimes I do not finish off my‘d’ all the way and someone could read Swetland for Swetlana.  Or what if you write the ‘w’ quickly at it looks like a ‘v’.  Or someone phonetically spells out what sounds like ‘lin’ when the person spoke ‘land’; Swetlin for example.


For the Swetland Family Association, you will see that we refer to it as just stated or as the Swe(e)/(a)tland Family Association to try to be all inclusive of the three main spellings.  We chose the Swetland Family Association as the official naming to be indoctrinated in our accounts and original documents as it goes back to the first formation of an such organization of the ‘family’ in 1896 by the Swe(e)/(a)tlands that attended the first documented reunion.  Regardless of the spelling of the name, be sure that we accept, honor, and love any and all with any of the spellings of the surname.


Please, take the opportunity, now that you have found this website, to bookmark us (Ctrl-D will work as a shortcut) and browse this site at your leisure.  Review the information provided.  When information is available on other websites, we will try to direct you there to eliminate multiple copies of items being on the internet compounding your searches or just duplicating someone else’s hard work.  I will take comments and suggestions on design, structure, and content of this website into careful consideration in updating and expanding this site.  So, please, be sure to send along an e-mail with your comments to me and I will do all I can to incorporate suggestions.







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